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Icaros — healing songs of shamans and curanderos

Icaros — shamanic songs of the Peruvian curanderos sing during Ayahuasca ceremonies. With the Icaros, the shaman controls the ceremony, communicated with spirits, treats patients. Different Icaros are used for different purposes. Some Icaros help banishing negative energies, cleansing of the physical body, spiritual cleansing and healing, protection, soul retrieval. There are Icaros, through which the shaman receives a different ability for their work.

Magic songs

Ayahuasca Icaros

Siberian shamans believe that all the worlds, all the visible and invisible universe, are composed of sounds.

Lamaist tend to liken reality to the sound of the bell. As the sound — it is an illusion.

For ayahuasquero (head of the ceremony ayawaska) all sounds like magical fireflies-elves can be summoned to solve large problems: treatment, gathering herbs, cooking ayawaska, connection, or disconnection, loving people, etc. These magical sounds-the elves gather in a special magical melody — Icaros.

The song, the Icaros come from inside ayahuasquero, from the depths of his soul and is individual and unique. Each has its iafastro the Icaros. Many people know hundreds of such songs, usually old and experienced shamans.

In General, for the entire culture of South American music played isklyuchitelnaya — she was born and she went to other worlds, every celebration, every holiday was accompanied by a chorus of hundreds of different instruments, pipes, flutes, drums, rattles, etc. But in this context, we will consider exclusively the Icaros are shamanic songs. These songs were born in ayawasi and sing them solely to these rituals.

“Shirohuehua” or song of joy give the patient the joy, hope and positive mood.

“Manchari” are sung to return the stolen soul back to its owner.

“icaro aranita,” serves to spell and how love songs.

“Sirenas” — mermaid. They are often called at the ceremonies ayawaska. Appearing, they are singing beautiful Icaros, the shaman giving different paranormal abilities.

Do shamans still have the Icaros of the plants, animals, birds, stones, spirits. Through these songs the shaman open the magical mysteries. For example, the song of the Jaguar teaches the shaman to be a Jaguar, Icaros raya-balsa learns to travel under water, Icaros spirits can protect the patient and return the stolen soul…

There is even a hierarchy on the power of the Icaros. The songs are sung in Spanish is much weaker than the Icaros sung deep in the jungle Quechua; mixtures Quechua with Cocama and Omagua are particularly potent.

The Icaros are the quintessence of power and experience of the shaman. They are vital in his travels alone, and a conduit for their patients. The Icaros help the shaman manage the trip: to strengthen or to weaken, often to protect the patient from otherworldly creatures and evil spirits.

The Icaros are especially beautiful in the midst of the trip, when as a result of synesthesia, sound, image and tactile perception merges together in full accordance with the rhythm of the song. The whole trip depends entirely on the music, the mood of a shaman, Icaros. This is very important. After all, these shamans are so few and so quickly absorb the unknown that very few people manage to write their songs.

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