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Youth and longevity, recipes for ancient drugs

Recipes for preserving health and vigor to old age on the basis of garlic

In India there is a legend that somehow between gods and demons broke out, the battle for the possession of “nine sokrovennoe”, one of which was. garlic. In the battle one of the gods was seriously injured, then doctors prepared garlic-based elixir and saved by God from death.


The recipe of the elixir is simple: boil 2 chopped garlic cloves in 1 liter milk and allow to steep for an hour.

Chinese healers of ancient ages the secret of active longevity also thought the garlic.


Fill up a glass bottle sliced cloves of garlic, pour the alcohol, tightly zakuporte and put in a cool dark place for two weeks, then strain.

Daily lunch foods with a teaspoon of tincture are obtained. The duration of intake of the elixir is not limited. As you can see, very simple recipe


Another, also not difficult on the method of preparation of an elixir

Chop (in a blender) peeled cloves of two large heads of garlic and place into a glass jar. Squeeze the juice of six lemons.

Garlic mass pour lemon juice, stir with a wooden spoon, tie gorlyshkina clean cloth and leave in a dark warm place for a week, stirring daily.

Take cooked elixir of youth for two weeks on a teaspoon after eating, spreading it in a glass of boiled water (before use, do not forget to shake the jar with the mixture).


And also garlic-based

Thoroughly clean 350 g of fresh garlic. Quickly and well isotrate in a mortar and leave for half an hour at room temperature. Then from the mass take bottom, where more juice, 200 g of the product and place into the bottle of green glass.

There also pour 200 g of 96% alcohol. Close the bottle tightly and keep in a cool dark place. After 10 days strain the mixture through a thick cloth and squeeze.

Pour the filtered liquid into the same bottle and let stand for another 3 days.

To drink tincture-the elixir of youth relies 3 times a day 20-30 minutes before meals under the scheme, adding much put drops in 50 g of cold milk. Then reception continues until complete consumption of the liqueurs.


The elixir of youth, as a remedy for shortness of breath and a means for rejuvenating the blood

400 grams of garlic to grind. Squeeze the juice of 24 lemons. Chopped garlic and pour the juice into a jar with a wide mouth, top, tie a light transparent cloth and soaking for 24 days. When using shake.

Once a day before bed one teaspoon of this mixture stir in half a glass of rainwater or melt water and drink.

After 10-14 days people will feel this means the elixir of youth and lack of fatigue, will be rewarded with good sleep.

This elixir of youth, it is recommended to prepare and repeat the course every six months.

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