Vietnam Treatment Of Joints?
Supporters of unconventional treatment have relatively long discovered Vietnam (Vietnam) – the country where rehabilitation procedures have been refined for millennia. Health - Kerry Blue Terrier Kennels @ Inflammatory…

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Treatment of colds in the home
How to make your skin elastic and toned at home. Elastic skin is a dream of every woman, which, fortunately, is easily achievable even at home. Radiant youth and beauty…

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On medicinal plants

Since time immemorial for treatment of various illnesses people use medicinal plants. So, during the excavations of the settlement Vratislav, which existed about 2500 years ago, scientists have discovered more than 20 species of medicinal plants. Among them were and still are widely used in medical practice herbs: Valerian, St. Johns wort, water pepper, nettle, oak bark, etc. in Altai, the famous Pazyryk burial mounds, more ancient than Biskupinskie hillfort, archaeologists have found medicinal and food plants — hemp, coriander, wormwood, etc. as well as special dishes for grinding and cooking.

Man in its development, after a long journey from a wild ancestor, feeding on roots, leaves and fruits of wild plants, to our contemporaries, not only learned how to use plants, but use them for the treatment of many diseases. Use of modern scientific medicine therapeutic drugs more than one-third are obtained from vegetable raw materials, and in the treatment of certain diseases the proportion of herbal drugs reaches 90%.

To meet the needs of the population in the drugs of plant origin in different geographical zones of Russia created more than 20 specialized farms for growing medicinal plants. Great attention paid Russian scientists to identify, study and introduction of new species of medicinal plants, coloratovillosus in natural habitats.

However, used in modern scientific medicine more than 200 species, only 50 are cultivated for medicinal raw materials, and the need for chemical-pharmaceutical industry in other forms until satisfied at the expense of wild plants. Therefore, it is necessary to significantly increase the widespread harvesting of medicinal plants from wild flora by involving the local population.

On this site you will learn about the most famous wild medicinal plants of Russia, which is also prevalent in other floristic regions of Russia. Along with the official plants, i.e. used in scientific medicine at the beginning of the description is marked with the letter “O”, the paper presents information about plants that are used only in folk medicine. They are marked at the start of the letter “H”, i.e. informal. For each species is given a color picture of the plant, a brief morphological description with the time of flowering and place of growth, is told about the bodies that are subject to harvesting, on the chemical composition of raw materials, on the use of drugs in science and medicine.

The method of preparation of therapeutic drugs in the home of the most common medicinal plants.

Before using these or other herbs, please consult a doctor. After all, to determine the nature of the disease, accurate diagnosis and treatment options, as well as individual characteristics of the patient’s body requires special knowledge possessed only by medical personnel.

The use of medicinal herbs in povyshennom pressure
March 25, 2015 in Dear Andrew! Maybe you can me something to recommend. I have constant headaches after suffering once postgrippoznyh arachnoiditis. All the time drinking tea, becomes a little…

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Urban shamans
The very phrase sounds ridiculous and contradictory. What can be the shamans in our civilized society, is awash with countless ingenious gadgets and devices? But they do exist. Maybe Carlos…