What is alternative medicine

Disease has always existed, but medication appeared not so long ago, as its cause, what is alternative medicine.

To medicine people saved from diseases of field herbs, roots. This was the principle of trial and error, and many of them died, but also survived quite a lot.

Today, these methods of treatment are called folk medicine.

Relation to such treatment is very ambiguous, but first we will try to understand what lies under the term “traditional medicine” and what it actually represents.

Traditional medicine is one type of alternative medicine that is based on knowledge about diseases, methods and means of treatment that are passed among the people from generation to generation for centuries.

In most cases, is simply impossible to know who and when invented this or that method of treatment, but few people speak about the complete meaninglessness of the use of traditional medicine.

The term “traditional medicine” appeared in medical works of the German scholars in the first half of the nineteenth century.

He described all the actions of people in relation to their health, which provided and sorcery, and magic, and the treatment of the gifts of nature.

That is, this notion unites in itself the multiplicity of points of view to prevailing in arterectomy about diseases and their treatment.

In addition, used the term “traditional medicine” that is used in two different meanings. First, as medicine, that formed a nation under the influence of place of residence, lifestyle, beliefs and traditions.

And, secondly, as opposed to traditional medicine, that is non-traditional, medicated, that is unusual for most uneducated peoples view on diseases and their cure.

In the late nineteenth century in developed countries there is a new understanding of the term, which in principle has survived to the present day. Thus, under “folk medicine” were considered to be irrational treatment that is based on the traditions of Parliament, and existed in contrast to classic medical medicine.

The emphasis is on the medicinal properties of plants and divine gifts in some people.

Today distributors and ardent supporters of traditional medicine remain the elderly. Grandchildren can easily confirm our words, because the grandmother cough offers not expensive syrup, and tea with lemon and viburnum.

How does she know it will help?

So she was treated by her mom and that her mom and so on until the oldest representatives of the genus.

It’s difficult to say how this approach to treatment is wrong or ineffective. After all, it is better to combine both folk and medical treatment. But you need to understand more from what you are treated.

If traditional medicine works for the common cold or upset stomach, then her chances to help you in case of need from cancer or AIDS without the intervention of traditional medicine that is equal to almost zero.

An even more skeptical attitude towards traditional medicine in the face of the wise woman, satoh, attendants, etc. supposedly its a gift given from God, will help to heal and solve all problems. Do not exclude that there are people who are really using your talent and can help others.

But think of how many of these “talents” are in practice simply charlatans who earn your grief, tricking not only your expectations, but also wallets.

The world Health Organization recommends not to use the services and techniques of traditional medicine, working to promote evidence of insecurity, inefficiency and absurdity of the use of ancestral knowledge.

But despite this, people are intensely treatable with folk remedies, visit fortune-tellers and witches to solve their health problems, but also on the personal front.

In this matter, as in many others, it is necessary not to forget about the measure and common sense, otherwise you only harm your body.

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