Cardiosclerosis Atherosclerosis?
cardiosclerosis atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, Syndrome of crocodile tears (Bogorad syndrome). The syndrome of the Disease progresses, later may develop peripheral apparatus and its derivative organs and tissues…

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The basics of healing
Newbie: Only knows the basic healing. Can feel the aura of the sick person and determine the severity of the disease. Can heal small wounds (scratches, bruises, cuts), minor diseases…

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The basics of healing

Newbie: Only knows the basic healing. Can feel the aura of the sick person and determine the severity of the disease. Can heal small wounds (scratches, bruises, cuts), minor diseases (headache, cough, can reduce the temperature, etc.) physical contact with patients is required (the touch).

Student: the Mage is able to heal light to moderate wounds (deep cuts, sprains, burns, frostbites), viral diseases (but the most severe type of HIV). Can transfer his life energy (for example, physically ishostname man), completely remove (block) pain. There is a faint martial healing (when the healer takes the injury/illness itself, the patient recovers completely, and the healer has already heal himself), the process takes up to 10 minutes.

Apprentice: a Mage can heal severe wounds and infectious diseases (fractures, internal bleeding, diseases like cholera). You receive skills of work with negative energy (the ability to recognize the curse, to remove weak or improperly imposed the curse). Can heal the wounds of poisonous weapons. Combat healing is developing, the time spent on this kind of healing is reduced to 5 minutes. Healing can occur at a distance of 1 meter.

Master I level: Mage can heal any physical illness (including cancer and AIDS). The skills of working with energy developing, the magician is able to remove mild and moderate thestipulated, to heal the wounds caused by the cursed weapons. Able to influence the regeneration of the body, strengthening her many times. Able to influence the astral body of man, because of this can cause dangerous trance from a state of affect (including magically induced), etc. Can heal at a distance of 5 meters, combat healing is held for 1 minute.

Master II level: gains the ability to heal mental illness. The mage can control all systems of the body. Gains the ability of regeneration of organs and limbs (maybe to re-grow a severed finger, for example. But can’t recover the bodies, the damage of which immediately leads to death). The magician can heal a heavy curse. Healing can take place at a distance of 10 meters, battle healing takes less than 30 seconds.

Master level I: Can heal any physical illnesses (including hereditary). Can heal unborn children and to adjust the child’s development even before birth. Can restore dead tissue (if affected no more than 25% of the human body) and other bodies. Able to heal any mortal wound (in addition to local lesions, in which dies more than 25% of the body’s cells). There is first the ability to the resurrection (if, after biological death was not more than 5 minutes). Healing can take place at a distance of 50 meters, combat healing requires 10 seconds.

Master II level: Mage is able to heal any mental illness and curses. Can restore dead tissue if affected no more than 50% of the body. Able to resurrect people, if at the time of death was not more than an hour. Healing can happen at any distance, if there is eye contact, fighting the healing instantly.

Archmage: Mage attains perfection in healing. Can raise any person unless he is no longer reborn.

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Incense from ancient times to our days
The first mention of aromapack appeared several thousand years ago, in Tibet, among the magicians. The basis of their operation is based on the faith of the Tibetans in a…

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Barley - folk remedies treatment
Many people believe that hypothermia is a decisive factor in the occurrence of unpleasant diseases. Actually it is caused by bacterial infection (often Staphylococcus, Golden), by the mite Demodex and…