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The healing properties of plantain and use of media based on it

The healing properties of plantain, recipes and readings. Surely, each of us knows about the healing properties of plantain. In the childhood the grandmother was advised to put it to the wounds, cuts and abrasions, so they quickly healed. But it turned out that these useful properties of plants are not limited.

To find plantain almost anywhere, and they appear in may, so the collection of raw materials for the preparation of medicines at home is not difficult. It will be interesting to see what this plant is common throughout our country. Plantain grows in the mountainous deserts of South America, they are found high in the mountains, and in Hawaii there are instances of up to two meters tall.

Medicinal properties

Before to prepare a tincture, a decoction or a poultice of plantain, you should know what diseases it can cure.

Any damage to the skin, whether open wounds or contusions and bruises. This is possible due to the fact that psyllium has the ability to relieve inflammation, stop bleeding, fight bacteria and allergies.

Preparations on its basis is used for the treatment of eye diseases and headache

Tincture well help to cope with diseases of the gallbladder, metabolism and help disrupt the processing of glucose in diabetes

Plantain has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. It increases appetite and has a complex action on pishevarenia by stimulating the production of gastric juice. Helps to cure ulcers and colitis and stop relapse of chronic gastritis.

Decoctions of plantain leaves are used against diseases of the respiratory system, including tuberculosis and bronchitis

Tincture on the basis of this plant are used as a sedative and to regulate the heart and normalize blood pressure.

Grass seeds are used to soften feces for constipation. Also the product is used for reducing the inflammation of hemorrhoids and inflammation of the intestine.


Prohibitions for use of plantain not so much:

Patients who have gastric hyperacidity

The tendency to form blood clots

Means recipes for home cooking

Infusion for respiratory

Tablespoon of dried leaves of plantain pour a glass of water and boil. The liquid then you need a good wrap and let stand two hours. Then the infusion should strain and drink a tablespoon three times a day.

The same beverage is drunk and in violation of the digestive system. But in this case the dosage should be increased and drink it four times a day thirty minutes before meals. Another remedy for these diseases is considered to be pure juice extracted from the leaves of plants.

From constipation and inflammation

To get rid of these problems take two tablespoons of psyllium, pour them a glass of boiling water and a good shake in a closed container.

To use it is recommended to take two tablespoons before meals three times a day.

Cure for ulcers

Squeeze the juice from the leaves of the herb and mix with a teaspoon of honey. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer uncovered for twenty minutes. This medicine can be prepared in advance and stored in the refrigerator in container with tight-fitting lid.

For open wounds

Faster heal to sores and scratches, leaves podorozhnikom need to wash, to make small incisions on them and apply to the wound.

Although tools based on psyllium are very effective, to start taking them by yourself is not recommended, especially for elderly people. But to treat open wounds on the body of the plant can be used quite actively, because of the harm it will not bring.

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