Types of healing
This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing. The article from Time magazine; the Young Health - "bringing Good news"; June 19,…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in Oman home
Oman high according to ancient Slavic legends, has nine magical force that appears in the folk names of plants. But there is also another version of the origin of names…

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The harm and benefit of Salt – treatment of folk medicine

Salt is one of essential products for human life. This was proven by renowned scientists biochemists who found that salt consumption without any living organism will not survive more than 2 weeks.

The main and most useful feature of salt is that it supplies body cells with nutrients. Salt helps to calm the nervous system, brings relief from pain spasmodic smooth muscle effect is the effect on the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the formation of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, necessary for digestion. Because the body cannot produce sodium, to make up for the loss of salt consumption. In addition, without added salt in food, the food becomes bland and tasteless. Thus, for most of us, in reasonable quantities, salt is not only harmless, but useful.

But don’t get too caught salt, as in excessive amounts it can seriously poison the body. Research the world Health organization it was revealed that the abuse of salt can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system. lead to joint problems, develop cataracts.

Dosage . For an adult person in average salt consumption of 5-10 grams per day. However, there are countries in which salt has 10 times more.Now in many cities in different countries is wide awareness about the dangers of “perekleivanie”. There are examples (Finland), where salt reduction has significantly lowered the number of deaths from heart attack and stroke.

Iodized salt . There are several types of salt. This is extra, salt, stone and table, sea, black, diet. Extra – pure sodium chloride. The useful minerals are destroyed after evaporation of water and cleaning soda. Iodised salt is useful for people suffering from thyroid disease.

Stone and sodium chloride – are, respectively, untreated and treated rock salt. Useful components in it is also destroyed after provarivanija. Sea salt is produced by evaporation of pure sea water. It does not contain chemical food additives and is a source of potassium, magnesium, manganese, copper, calcium, zinc, iron, etc.

Black is unrefined salt, it is very rich in trace elements such as iodine. iron, potassium, sulfur, etc. It improves digestion, acts as a laxative. does not retain liquid in the body. Dietary salt contains a minimal amount of sodium, but it also adds magnesium and calcium that promotes proper functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

For food better to use natural salt, which was the minimum number of treatments. Preferably unrefined sea salt, which contains about 60 natural mineral micro-components. Natural sea salt has advantages over that which people normally consume table salt – it is not deposited in the tissues and internal organs of man, as completely dissolved in the body.

Coarse salt . Salt is also different fineness of grind that does not affect the human health and on taste characteristics of cooked dishes. Fine salt dissolves quickly, so it is added to ready-made meals (salads, snacks). Average salt handy when rubbing salt meat and meat products, fish Smoking, pickling, canning. Coarse salt is added in soups, for pickling fish.

The harm and benefit of lemon
Sometimes it seems that traditional medicine has gotten to all that is organic in nature. Has not bypassed it and little sour lemons. If you believe the folk medicine, this…

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Youth and longevity, recipes for ancient drugs
Recipes for preserving health and vigor to old age on the basis of garlic In India there is a legend that somehow between gods and demons broke out, the battle…