Icaros — healing songs of shamans and curanderos
Icaros — shamanic songs of the Peruvian curanderos sing during Ayahuasca ceremonies. With the Icaros, the shaman controls the ceremony, communicated with spirits, treats patients. Different Icaros are used for…

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Known powerful healers from alcoholism
Taking meaningful within the culture norms of behavior and group participation that can explain the principles of each step, where the juvenile exhibits good impulse control, by the way. More…

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The psychologist in our life and health.

Martin saw such an interesting phenomenon that, the ability of the ions to movement can vary substantially as a result of contamination of gas and depending on the age of the ion. Beckett denies the existence of a clear dividing line in relation to the dimensions of the ions, as in a normal atmosphere contains a mixture of all types and sizes of ions that move at different speeds, inversely proportional to their size. Swangard believes that air ions have a “rather complex molecular structure with electric charge”.

As part of the implementation of the Governor’s program “Rural health” the Krasnodar regional physiotherapy service has purchased a portable magnetotherapy devices of Elatomsky instrument factory: MAG-30-3. Almag-01. Magofon-01 – a total of 32 of the apparatus. This has greatly expanded the use of physiotherapy, primarily in rural district hospitals, and allowed to carry out the procedure at home, when patients are not able to come in a medical facility. Increased the percentage of coverage of patients receiving physiotherapy treatment: hospitals district hospitals from 35% to 47%, inpatient hospital from 45% to 53%. Increased and such an important indicator as the number of physiotherapy treatments per patient in exchange rate impact – from 9 to 16 procedures. A full course treatment increased therapeutic effect – statistics clear improvements of health in patients increased from 43% to 68%.

During the period from 2002 to 2006 treatment with the use of portable devices of Elatomsky instrument plant has been patients with essential hypertension stage I-II, coronary heart disease with stable angina I-II functional class, rheumatism, vegetative-vascular dystonia, osteoarthrosis (in the acute phase), osteoarthritis, shoulder, injuries of spine and spinal cord, disorders of cerebrospinal circulation, obliterating endarteritis, Raynaud’s syndrome, chronic venous insufficiency, diabetic angiopathy, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma, acute pneumonia, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer (including those in the acute stage), chronic gastroduodenitis, pancreatitis, biliary dyskinesia, diseases of ENT-organs. With the active use portable videoapparatury scope of physiotherapy has increased across Krasnodar territory on the average by 60%, increased their effectiveness.

The inclusion in complex treatment devices MAG, Almag, Magofon at the physiotherapy Department of the regional clinical hospital №1 the number of medical treatments per day increased to 370. Devices, easy and does not require grounding, allow to apply them directly to the intensive care and surgical units for treatment of critically ill patients.

In 2006, in major medical institutions of the region there is a new product Elatomskogo instrument plant – stationary device POLIMAG-01 for General and local magnetic therapy with the capability of programming various types of magnetic fields and exposure modes. During the first months we were convinced of its high efficiency in the treatment of degenerative disc disease of the spine, polyneuropathies of different etiology, diseases of vessels of extremities, i.e., in those cases where it is necessary to affect large areas of the patient’s body.

In the nearest plans of the regional physiotherapy services – equipment of the elatomsky instrument obstetric units and rural family physicians, which should improve the quality of medical care in rural areas.

Shiitake: mushrooms, use, extract, properties, benefits and harms
Shiitake mushrooms are used in cooking consisting of Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes. Also preparations of shiitake mushrooms are used both in formal and in folk medicine. Most often used…

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Fortune in Coca leaves
Peru is the most exotic country in Latin America. Local customs harmoniously combine Catholic and Indian traditions. The New year is a good occasion to ask Mother Earth for forgiveness…