What is alternative medicine
Disease has always existed, but medication appeared not so long ago, as its cause, what is alternative medicine. To medicine people saved from diseases of field herbs, roots. This was…

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Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis.
When all the medications already tried, miracle formulations studied, and the disease remains unwilling to back down, comes to the aid of so-called alternative medicine. Folk remedies, decoctions, fees, and…

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Herbs. Collection, preparation and application

The journal “eco-town” publishes information from partners. To apply herbs for healing the sick people began since time immemorial. Today, the treatment of “herbs” again becomes relevant, and not only because medical services are getting more expensive.

By the way, few people know that sunlight adversely affects the healing properties of plants, and that, for example, drying herbs should be in the shade, and some types of herbs and even gather at night. And it’s not Vadimovna. But concern about the use of plants. Thus it is possible to preserve the necessary to chase away the illnesses substance.

Further development of herbal medicine is inevitable. We go on vacation, buy a cottage in the Altai, we appear inevitable in these circumstances environmental allergies. By the way Hippocrates believed that”medicine is the art to imitate the healing effects of nature”, as in herbs enclosed in concentrated form all the essential to a living organism.

Each medicinal plant contains one or more substances which may under appropriate conditions to provide medicinal properties. The distribution of these substances in medicinal plants is often not uniform. Therefore, the collection of medicinal herbs need to know where useful items and when their concentration is maximum in the plant.

If nutrients are distributed throughout the plant it is collected in necletocny, at the same time, gather medicinal plants, which are used all aerial parts — grass.

• Collection of leaves is usually before flowering, except “mother and stepmother”, that is harvested after flowering.

• Harvesting roots and tubers of medicinal plants is in the fall when the plant stops the SAP flow in early spring or before.

• Collect seeds and fruits produced in the period of their full maturity.

• Bark all medicinal plants collected in the spring during SAP flow in the plant.

• Collection of aerial parts of medicinal plants, in particular flowers, should be made in dry weather and the gathering dew, as only under this condition possible when drying to keep the parts of the medicinal plants to their natural color and protect against self-heating (processes of bacterial and fungal decomposition), the result is often a loss of plant medicinal properties.

The bark of medicinal plants removed from trunks and branches (buckthorn), and oak – only from branches – by ring cuts it to wood and cut along the barrel from one ring cut to the other and torn off manually in a direction from top to bottom.

Centuries-old experience of use of medicinal plants shows that their impact on different people may vary and depends on characteristics of the organism. Also some people believe that herbs better work together more plants than with a single herb.

It’s not just about different active principles in different plants, and what nutrients one herbs are released for your work or are stimulated with any substances other plants, in fact, not which may be directly medicinal, i.e. just fulfilling the role of catalyst. For complex diseases treatment effect decides not one medicinal herb, and their interaction. This, of course, need to be considered when studying the effectiveness of folk medicinal plants.

Russian folk medicine: herbal medicine in Russia
Russia has always been rich in medicinal herbs and therefore herbal medicine in Russia was widespread. In Russia, wormwood was used for fever, birch SAP for the treatment of purulent…

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Pyramid medicinal plants and herbs
- classification came from the Eastern philosophy. The movement of products to promote health or to cure the disease. Therapeutic products move from destruction to restoration. 1 floor herbs 1…