Pyramid medicinal plants and herbs
- classification came from the Eastern philosophy. The movement of products to promote health or to cure the disease. Therapeutic products move from destruction to restoration. 1 floor herbs 1…

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Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis.
When all the medications already tried, miracle formulations studied, and the disease remains unwilling to back down, comes to the aid of so-called alternative medicine. Folk remedies, decoctions, fees, and…

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Treatment of warts folk remedies

Many people are carriers of HPV, but the external manifestations may not be. In principle, such entities as warts are formed from a very small number of people.

Externally warts resemble cauliflower and cosmetic discomfort can cause very strong.

Warts is pathogenic manifestations of human papilloma virus. Such formations appear on the skin almost anywhere on the body and on mucous membranes. Today there are many different methods of treatment of this disease, and common treatment of warts folk remedies.

Treatment of warts folk remedies

• In our country the treatment of warts folk remedies is very common. One of the effective remedies against warts is alcoholic tincture of celandine. We must remember that this tincture is quite poisonous and should be applied very carefully. The medication should be applied carefully, trying not to get tincture on the skin adjacent to the tumor. To apply this tool is recommended 3 times a day. On the affected area the medication is applied several times, repeating the application after a few minutes, once the mix is absorbed into the skin.

• If kondiloma has a kind of lonely skin tassels, it is possible to get rid of it easier. For this ponadobitsya silk thread. Ask someone to tie this visulise at the beginning of her legs with a thread on a node or two. If it hurts a little, tied lightly at first. The next day the knot tighten further. Warts will gradually dry up and fall off completely after 2 to 3 days.

• Another folk remedy are the crushed leaves of Kalanchoe. The leaves are ground until a homogeneous slurry and applied to the warts. This mass should be fixed, you can use the patch. After five hours, it is necessary to prepare fresh slurry. It should be noted that for ointment is best to use only fresh leaves.

• You can use 70% vinegar mixed with flour. They are mixed to form a thick mass. Then, the resulting tool is applied to the warts, avoiding contact with healthy skin around the affected area. To this tool had the desired effect, the procedure should be repeated 3 times. In the same way easily removed warts, but they have a single use for the night — the vinegar burns everything down to the roots.

• You can treat warts using garlic or garlic compress. RUB the affected area with garlic or make one disc as a compress on all night, fixing it with a plaster or dressing. Also, you should avoid contact with healthy skin, but otherwise you can get burned.

• A very common treatment of warts folk remedies is to use egg whites that need to be lubricated regularly with the manifestations of the virus. You can also use onions soaked in vinegar. Put whole onion in the vinegar and after 2 days break off a piece and put it on the warts overnight. This remedy should be applied about 7 days.

Russian folk medicine: herbal medicine in Russia
Russia has always been rich in medicinal herbs and therefore herbal medicine in Russia was widespread. In Russia, wormwood was used for fever, birch SAP for the treatment of purulent…

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Types of healing
This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing. The article from Time magazine; the Young Health - "bringing Good news"; June 19,…