Cardiosclerosis Atherosclerosis?
cardiosclerosis atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, Syndrome of crocodile tears (Bogorad syndrome). The syndrome of the Disease progresses, later may develop peripheral apparatus and its derivative organs and tissues…

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Urban shamans
The very phrase sounds ridiculous and contradictory. What can be the shamans in our civilized society, is awash with countless ingenious gadgets and devices? But they do exist. Maybe Carlos…

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Fortune in Coca leaves

Peru is the most exotic country in Latin America. Local customs harmoniously combine Catholic and Indian traditions. The New year is a good occasion to ask Mother Earth for forgiveness for old sins and good luck in the New year. And to find his destiny by Coca leaves.

Similar rites are performed in special shamans of Peru – they are called Paco. Other professions have no shamans, so when Paco is invited to visit, the owners have to feed him.

Shaman named Louis we met in the village the Following, near the famous lake Titicaca.

Shaman-Paco brought “Masada” – special set for the sacrifice.

“In “Masada” includes sugar figurines, symbolizing everything you need for a good life. For example, sweet flowers they need, that our life was sweet and elegant.

Then shaman pulls out the Bible, which symbolizes faith in God. The bell need to come on time everywhere.

The pot with silver lid symbolizes the prosperity of the house – a house full Cup,as we would say. Two swans – a symbol of a happy marriage. Archangel needed to protect us and our family.

In “Masada” includes a toy car, the attributes of the priest and the sweet home is to one who has no home of his own, finally got it.

Also in the course are photocopies of the money to the customer ritual was known for real money, of course. Another important ingredient is Coca leaves, revered for an invigorating effect.

Igniting the incense and the sacred roots of plants, Paco blesses our sacrifices. You only have to ring the bell to attract the good spirits.

Now it was the turn of dried Coca leaves, which the shamans always carry with them. They need to steep in the wine, to take in hand and pray to the sun.

After that, all sacred objects mixed with Coca leaves, the shaman packs. At night, at midnight, “Masada” will be buried somewhere in the field, and thus Mother Earth will accept our gifts.

Now comes the time for the next thrilling ceremony – reading Coca leaves. These sheets are a versatile tool, suitable for all occasions. For example, the Indians take them on a long journey – they are chewed to dull the feeling of hunger.

Next to the pile of leaves, appearance reminiscent of Bay leaf, you need to put a few coins that seem to provide a link between the man and leaves.

Paco is ringing a familiar bell, inviting the spirits. The shaman gently throws the leaves and analyzes the order in which they fall. He considers which leaf will fall first after a given issue – whole or broken – and which way it will fall.

The shaman gave his verdict: all the correspondent of RIA Novosti in the coming year will be good, not least thanks to the conducted before this ritual worship of Mother Earth.

Agave Americana
Agave Americana belongs to the tropical plants. His birthplace – South America. In our country the agave is grown as an ornamental plant, it is somewhat like aloe, or century…

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Known powerful healers from alcoholism
Taking meaningful within the culture norms of behavior and group participation that can explain the principles of each step, where the juvenile exhibits good impulse control, by the way. More…