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The cultivation of medicinal plants in Oman home

Oman high according to ancient Slavic legends, has nine magical force that appears in the folk names of plants. But there is also another version of the origin of names associated with the Latin word Helios which means sun.

Bright, Golden-yellow petals create a sun-like inflorescence of Oman, which resembles a large star, which contributes to life on our planet.

General information

The long-term grassy plant in height about two meters. The leaves are grayish below. lower leaves without petioles, sessile. Golden yellow flowers are collected in inflorescence-basket. Blooms of Oman in July – September. In this period it is well visited by bees, you can collect two hundred or three hundred pounds of honey from one hectare of scrubland or industrial plantations of Oman high.

In Ancient Greece about the medicinal use recalled Hippocrates. The great physician of the Arab East Abu Ali Ibn Sina, or which was known in Europe as Avicenna appreciated this plant and its medicinal properties, well-used them in their practice.

In Tibetan medicine Oman high is called the root Manu, and is used in septic conditions of the blood, chronic fever, the anti-inflammatory fees in diseases of the lungs,the liver, and is used in Chinese folk medicine – in the rotting wounds.

The Latin name of the plant Oman truthful can be translated as Purification of the Lena, which is connected with the legend about a beautiful daughter of Zeus and the Lady who wept in set Three and her tears spilled to the ground, grew, flaring gold, beautiful flowers.

Use for medicinal purposes

In medical purposes is the root with rhizome, which is harvested in the spring or autumn of the second year of plant’s life. They are washed, crushed and dried in the shade. First is the root of this plant useful as an effective expectorant for bronchial spasms, as protivovospalitel and such which increases functional activity of stomach and intestines with inflammation of them with diarrhea, as cholagogue and diuretic. To this the roots of Oman called monthly and improve metabolism in the body.

In folk medicine, the root of Oman successfully used to combat rheumatism – acute and chronic. Together with burdock root, if consumed internally, gives a good result. This plant is used to combat influenza.

Method of application

A decoction of the root from rheumatism, and twenty grams of the crushed root of the Oman half with burdock root the infuse for twenty minutes in two hundred grams of boiling water. Take one tablespoon three to four times a day.

Tincture of the root in cold water, from diseases of the respiratory system is to take two teaspoons of crushed root of Oman in two cups of water and infuse for eight hours. To drink half a Cup four times a day. Before use it is best to add one teaspoon of honey for half an hour an hour before meals.

Tincture – twenty-five grams of the root of Oman one hundred grams of alcohol about seventy percent. Infuse for eight to ten days in a warm place, shake every day. Then filter the infusion and pour into a dark bottle. Drink three times a day for twenty-five drops with water three spoons.

Wine omanova from Qatar guts and to reduce the acidity on the bottle of Cahors wine or port wine to take twelve grams of the fresh root and boil it for ten minutes, it is better to add a tablespoon of honey. Use two to three times a day for fifty grams after eating.

Autumn sowing is shallow to half an inch. The distance between plants in the garden twenty centimeters. Under the Oman is better to allocate moist places along rivers, the reduction of the relief. But it also grows well in partial shade and at higher elevations of the ground.

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