Barley - folk remedies treatment
Many people believe that hypothermia is a decisive factor in the occurrence of unpleasant diseases. Actually it is caused by bacterial infection (often Staphylococcus, Golden), by the mite Demodex and…

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Was parallaly for spring. The heavenly gates were opened by the shamans of the Irkutsk region
From ancient times until today the basis of the Buryat culture are the two religions are shamanism and Buddhism. Fans of both too many and often believers profess two religions…

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Alternative medicine in Germany

Every year the level of medical tourism is growing in the world, and Germany in this niche occupies a leading position. Separately in recent years, the treatment in Germany without intermediaries is becoming increasingly popular. People of the CIS countries try to reduce any spending, putting on their shoulders an impossible task. Patients who never received treatment in a German clinic . don’t know how the whole organizational process, face a number of difficulties, allowing at different stages of implementation of their treatment some mistakes, sometimes fatal. Such errors can sometimes directly lead to a delay in the beginning of the therapeutic course.

That’s why the “Dislavita” offers its customers partial or full support at all stages of the treatment process.

Efficient service, one hundred percent benefit to the business, hundreds of patients satisfied with health services – this is treatment, rehabilitation and diagnostics in clinics of Germany . when it is taken our staff! You have a great opportunity to become one of the representatives of our close-knit team and to help patients worldwide in restoring their lost health, to all receiving good financial rewards as stable and higher wages.

We are interested in the long and fruitful collaboration with:

doctors of different medical fields and specializations;

srednemultinskoe staff;

the employees of social services and other medical facilities;

experts in the field of alternative medicine;

people with excellent organizational skills;

the people who specialize in conducting tours in Germany;

professional drivers in Germany;

managers by sourcing and working with clients, etc.

Clients who come to us in the course of cooperation, need to obtain a visa to Germany for treatment, preparation of medical records, transfers, private guide, driver, translator in Germany and much more. All these issues are considered by our staff. If you have experience in searching for clients, the experience of working with people, experience in the above areas – we will be glad to see you in our team.

We organized not only medical examination in Germany . treatment and the rehabilitation. We are actively engaged in the organization of international cooperation Russian and German doctors. For this implemented international seminars for doctors we help doctors from CIS countries to undergo training in the clinics of Germany, to get in practice time to the best German doctors from around the world.

For anybody will not be a secret that German medicine has long been recognized as the leading world positions. Great opportunities are ready to offer patients treatment in Germany – Berlin . Aachen, Munich, Dusseldorf and other German cities with their University clinics for international patients happy and willing to provide professional medical care. If you want to become an agent of the company “Dislavita” if you want to participate directly in the organization of aid to patients from all over the world – please contact us convenient for you and we will gladly discuss with you the possibilities for future cooperation.

Types of healing
This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing. The article from Time magazine; the Young Health - "bringing Good news"; June 19,…

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Folk medicine Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins reviews
I wish to Express big gratitude to cardiovascular Dr. Alexander Alexandrovich Bochkarev his high skill. sensibly selected cure. attentive. sensitivity Orekhovo Zuyevo regional phlebology center laser treatment of varicose veins.…