Medicine in Ancient Egypt
Traditionally, the ancient Greek art of healing is the "ancestor" of all modern medicine, however, Egyptian healers can be proud of the fact that their ancestors, the worshippers of the…

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Types of healing
This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing. The article from Time magazine; the Young Health - "bringing Good news"; June 19,…

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Traditional healers

What we are just not ready to believe, in order to save yourself and your family from ailments, illnesses and other misfortunes. In the Golden List of those subject our care, Pets, of course, is not the last place. And, it seems, no forces and means is not a pity, if only they got better and better didn’t hurt at all, always would look at us shining with happiness eyes, and kept wagging her tail. No capabilities… well, almost any.

And in his heart I often have to communicate with veterinarians and employees of veterinary clinics. On the basis of their stories could be a whole book of jokes to write. I’m afraid, however, if you read carefully, not so funny and the jokes.

But back to “traditional healers”, not just because I carried them in “theme rooms”. Every year the life around us is getting more expensive, but whether it rises with quality – an open question. The fact that prices are rising even for the most necessary, it is a fact. And, of course, the price lists of veterinary clinics is also not conserved – and getting more expensive services and medications. Rooting now is very expensive, but, unfortunately, do not get sick is not, because dogs, like us, ordinary living organisms.

And here to owners of losing your mind of all expenses for the treatment of pet, come to those”traditional healers” – with extensive experience in cynology, “not one dog pulled from the grave”, frustrated pharmacists and physicians. They begin their life-saving tips by telling the already frightened by the situation to the owner: a pier, to the clinic to go – money to throw. What vets “in their academies only frogs cut Yes cows studied” that “dogs they do not know how to treat”, and only “tear up the money, although the diagnosis can not.”

Then follows the transfer of personal experience, free because: “I understand what you are going through!” and an equally pointless, because it is not based on any serious knowledge.

Sometimes received and applied this advice is lucky: he never turns into more trouble. But happens and differently.

Once there lived a woman and a Pekingese. A Pekingese “tech eyes” the woman told the vet at the clinic. He asked me what to feed a dog scolded for the wrong food, told not to feed the dog, husband or child, and prescribed eye drops. The drops ended, the Pekingese the right food is not wanted, and everything was back to normal. Once on the walk, the woman met with “experienced breeder” and complained of his misfortune to him.

– What are these “Konovalov” from the clinic understand! It’s a Pekingese! Special breed, they are like children! And feed them as children should! But the eyes did not flow, I’ll give you now a good tool.

“Good means” were urine therapy, the healing properties which their own experience had been known “traditional healer”. Pleased by the availability of funds and promised great result, the owner of a Pekingese as a prayer, on the way home kept saying “the recipe” – a drop in each eye morning and evening…

No, she’s not “out of mind” was not too naive and gullible, just really loved his dog and wanted the best. That’s exactly what she explained at the reception in the clinic when the doctor, sadly looking at the Pekingese, was asked how such “treatment” could

to come her in the head?

In the end, the dog ulcers of the cornea and new problems, in any comparison not going with what it was before. And their decision now will cost several times more expensive.

But it could be… Possible, but not out! Did not work, because too many of us tend to trust dubious experts whose advice “from the heart” and therefore free, and not the doctor in the veterinary clinic that does not always mean what we are pleased to hear reprimanding for negligence relationship to the animal and reminding us of our responsibility.

Treatment of colds in the home
How to make your skin elastic and toned at home. Elastic skin is a dream of every woman, which, fortunately, is easily achievable even at home. Radiant youth and beauty…

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Agave Americana
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