What is alternative medicine?
According to a study conducted in 1997, 42 percent of Americans used one or more methods of treatment that are not taught in medical schools and are not practiced in…

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Shiitake: mushrooms, use, extract, properties, benefits and harms
Shiitake mushrooms are used in cooking consisting of Chinese, Korean and Japanese dishes. Also preparations of shiitake mushrooms are used both in formal and in folk medicine. Most often used…

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Barley – folk remedies treatment

Many people believe that hypothermia is a decisive factor in the occurrence of unpleasant diseases. Actually it is caused by bacterial infection (often Staphylococcus, Golden), by the mite Demodex and is listed in the eye with dirt.

There are other reasons: genetic predisposition, weak immune system. The frequent appearance of barley may be a kind of signal about problems of the immune system.

Gastro-intestinal tract, diabetes mellitus. vitamin deficiency can be a cause of styes. If you do not walk, always sit behind the TV and computer, you also create a fertile ground for its emergence.

Barley may be a consequence of any transferred disease – acute respiratory infections, flu. sore throat, etc. Conducted in the recent past, studies have shown that smokers are more susceptible to disease and relapses.


At the first stage on the edge of the eyelid appears painful itchy spot of pale-red colour. Tissue around it over time, swells, reddens, there is swelling. After a few days formed a yellow head, which opened on their own, goes all the purulent contents.

On the background of the barley swells higherof eyes, in some cases, a person can’t even open my eyes. There is a headache. century tremor (a nervous TIC). With the development of multiple styes the condition of the patient worsened markedly: raised body temperature up to 38 °C. and even higher, inflamed submandibular and parotid lymph nodes. Often the pain is so severe that the patient cannot sleep and is constantly torn.

Barley, especially the multiple, in case of inadequate treatment can cause complications such as, meningitis, cellulitis tissue and even sepsis (blood infection).

Barley – folk remedies treatment

Remember: Incorrect self-medication can harm your health! Talk to your doctor.

If you have the barley, tightly close your eyes and gently spread inflamed eyelid Cologne. Don’t open your eyes until, until dry Cologne. Usually one procedure is enough.

N ogtem the ring finger of the right hand three times to cross the barley. If did not help to repeat.

P relativate compress of curdled milk on a gauze bandage and apply on the eyelid a handkerchief soaked in sour milk.

How eyelid only get this itch, immediately boil a hard-boiled egg, wrap it in a cloth and apply to the place of possible occurrence of barley. The procedure is done to cool down the eggs. The procedure can be repeated 3 times – 4.

Recipes of medicinal plants from barley

When barley be applied to the affected area pounded fresh root of burdock.

Mr. ADO to take 5 g of aloe ( agave ) one medium sheet, to insist 8 hours in a glass of cold water, drain. Infusion used as a wash for eyes. Duration of procedure – 15-20 minutes.

To calendula (flowers). Use the infusion and tincture of calendula. The infusion is prepared as follows: 15 of dried flowers, pour a glass of boiling water. To insist 1 hour, drain. Use during illness in the form of baths, lotions. Procedure is done 2 – 3 times a day.

Conspiracy barley

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