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Cardiosclerosis Atherosclerosis?
cardiosclerosis atherosclerosis. atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, Syndrome of crocodile tears (Bogorad syndrome). The syndrome of the Disease progresses, later may develop peripheral apparatus and its derivative organs and tissues…

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Was parallaly for spring. The heavenly gates were opened by the shamans of the Irkutsk region

From ancient times until today the basis of the Buryat culture are the two religions are shamanism and Buddhism. Fans of both too many and often believers profess two religions at the same time, periodically visiting and Orthodox Church. Siberia in this sense, is perfectly reasonable, the people here are not without reason believes that the neighbor did not believe, if only the person was good.

Here and now on the rite of opening the gates of heaven on the banks of the Irkut river gathered more number of people. Eleven shamans simultaneously read prayers and talked to the audience.

During the spring rite-telagana presupusele the shamans pray to the spirits. In shamanism it is believed that they awaken in the spring, together with nature. The mission of the shaman to appease the spirits, which, according to legends, can not only bring good luck, but also to harm people.

Photo: AiF / Cyril Shipitsin

The ceremony is traditionally held on the banks of the river. This time the ritual became the Bank of Irkut, immediately opposite the Central part of the city. To open heaven’s door don’t need much, for the spirits of the victims are young birch, sheep and white food.

Before the beginning of the ceremony the shamans arrange from fourteen young birches felled a special grove of trees, by digging the trunks in the ground. Tree branches decorated with red and yellow and blue and white ribbons, which simvoliziruet – gold and silver. Designed during the common prayer, spirits will descend on the branches of these trees to receive gifts.

Buryat shamanism is particularly belief in the presence of the intangible world. In their view, an awakened deity can perform requests to bestow health and success in business. The main thing – properly to ask. That is why the spirits for abundant meals, believing that food can appease even the most absurd.

Sacrificial birch. Photo: AiF / Cyril Shipitsin

Among the treats you can find traditional “white” or “clean” food. such as milk, curd, butter. On the festive table-tagile must be at least nine types of dairy foods. Traditionally spirits and are treated to traditional Buryat food. For example, to a festive table is sure to serve Salamat is an original dish made from cow butter, sour cream, flour and salt. The taste is very specific, and fatty foods, like cottage cheese floating in oil. But the spirits, apparently, Salamat very much to taste. Such a treat even for people not often able to try in everyday life.

The gifts of the spirits. Photo: AiF / Cyril Shipitsin

By the way, the shamans themselves, for the ceremony wore their best clothes. Traditionally this is dagali – robes, deep blue, symbolizing the Eternal blue sky. During the ritual the shaman’s head adorns each hat with the hanging strips of leather or ribbons to cover up the face. On the same hat painted eyes, through it, on a belief that the world looks indweller during the shamanic trance of ongon tribal spirit.

Even if you are an inveterate skeptic, you will receive wise counsel. The main idea of shamanism – in harmony with nature. The shamans say that any difficulty is just a reflection of what people believed in the idea of his superiority. We separate ourselves from the rest of the living world, while the nature gives you everything you need to stay on the planet.

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