Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis.
When all the medications already tried, miracle formulations studied, and the disease remains unwilling to back down, comes to the aid of so-called alternative medicine. Folk remedies, decoctions, fees, and…

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Traditional recipes of beauty for face, body, hair and nails
Want to look younger externally for 5-7 years, only with the help of home methods and without the big cash outlay? This is possible because nature has endowed us with…

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Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs are now widely used in folk and traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The effectiveness of natural medicines based on herbs is confirmed by numerous biological, chemical, pharmacological and clinical studies. The therapeutic effect of medicinal plants on the body in the almost complete absence of side effects allows you to apply them to treat children and adults with virtually no restrictions.

Currently in medical practice are used about two hundred plants. Some of them are used in pure form or in combination with other herbs for making teas and infusions, other processed pharmaceutical industry and thus become components of the various phytochemical drugs. In the production of dry medical fees and drugs are used both wild and cultivated plants.

Despite the fact that many of the substances included in the medicinal plants, scientists have managed to obtain by chemical means, in General the Arsenal of drugs natural drugs still occupy a significant place. They are still a major component for the third industrially produced medicines. This is, primarily, the drugs used to treat diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and Central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract,liver, kidneys, etc. Drugs obtained from natural raw materials, have a soft effect on the body of the patient and often for this reason their use is preferred.

The popularity of medicinal plants and their wide use give rise to a proposal by non-specialists pickers and packers, not having the slightest idea about the physiological and biochemical properties of herbs. Buyers should be aware that cooked these Amateur healers fees and “drugs” can contain mutually incompatible substances that the patient will not medicine, but poison. That is why it is not recommended to buy the herbs and drugsfrom their markets. Especially now that many stores of medicinal herbs offer a wide range of medicinal products with the exact weight, composition and methods of use. Any drugstore of medicinal herbs inspires more confidence than non-professional sellers of drugs. Here you will always explain what the disease and how to treat certain herbs, how to correctly use them and in what dosage.

You can purchase medicinal herbs, the quality and properties which is no doubt, and through our online store of medicinal herbs. We offer medicinal herbs wholesale and retail. For more convenience of our customers all goods store are divided into categories. You can buy through our trading website herbs medicinal herbs and fees, collected in ecologically clean regions of our country, medicines based on herbs, medical cosmetics, dietary products, gift sets and many other goods for beauty and health.

Traditional healers
What we are just not ready to believe, in order to save yourself and your family from ailments, illnesses and other misfortunes. In the Golden List of those subject our…

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Traditional recipes of beauty
Today we are again making steps to a happy life and talk about beauty, and to be precise, consider the traditional recipes of beauty. Vanity hammered costly means to care…