The healing properties of plantain and use of media based on it
The healing properties of plantain, recipes and readings. Surely, each of us knows about the healing properties of plantain. In the childhood the grandmother was advised to put it to…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants
In this article we will not consider the cultivation of fruit plants, and pay attention to this special home business, as cultivation of medicinal plants . Medicinal plants . this…

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Medicinal herbs and their use in medical practice

Among the huge variety of methods of treatment of headache and migraine in herbal medicine has its own recipes. This is due to the fact that agents of animal and vegetable origin, by its nature closer to the human body. They rarely give side effects, their effect is softer. Medicinal plants have a huge range of therapeutic properties. Headache is known to serve not only the symptom but also an alarming signal that indicates the occurrence of any disease in the body. It can be:

– infection; – flu; – hormonal disorders; – decrease of level of sugar in the blood; – allergies; – high blood pressure.

To take a pill is the easiest way to get rid of pain. However, it is not the safest. That is why many people choose alternative options – the infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs.

For application of herbs in medical practice it is necessary to know the properties and side effect of one plant or another

For headache apply the following types of plants:

– sorrel; – hips; – chamomile; wormwood; tansy; – the cowslip; mint; lemongrass; lavender; wild ginger; fireweed; – Kalgan; – ginseng; – avens; – verbena; Basil.

Paleotologists able to provide:

– greater celandine; the hellebore ; – peppermint oil; – belladonna; – Datura; – Sambucus; – Anis; – Acorus calamus.

For the treatment of diseases of the nervous system use:

– Humulus lupulus; – chamomile medicinal; – viburnum; marigold; oregano; the white dead – nettle; – Peavine meadow; – the cottonweed marsh; – Adonis spring.

In nature today, according to statistics, there are more than 500 thousand species of plants. Medicinal of them much less. Herbalists believe that just at the moment they have not disclosed and have not studied all the healing properties of plants .

Rules for the use of plant collections and herbs

Since the healing properties and effectiveness of the plant depends on the composition of biologically active substances, in the manufacture of medicines must take into account that many of the properties are easily destroyed. There are some General rules that will eliminate this loss:

– the therapeutic effect of the collection can lower no 1-2 phytochemicals; – before the use of medicinal herbs in medical practice, read the properties of each plant; before the beginning of treatment using medicinal herbs you should consult with your doctor; and herbal medicine requires a fairly long course of treatment, unlike drug; – in charges which have analgesic properties, useful to include plants with a high content of mineral salts and vitamins; – during the period of treatment should arrange the optimal mode of rest and work.

The use of dosage forms

For making remedies at home, you must use fresh herbs. It can be:

– roots; bulbs; fruits and berries; seeds and buds; the buds and flowers; bark; leaves; grass.

Rhizomes and tubers need to be dried. Thus, they would retain most of biologically active substances, giving the water contained in them. After drying all plant parts are ground separately and mixed.

Medicinal raw materials are stored in a tin or glass container

Preparing medicines at home in different ways. You can apply vegetable collection or to use grass only of one kind. All depends on the recipe that must be followed with extreme precision.

Paste, slurry and powders

Types of preparation of medicinal drugs largely depend on the chemical constituents of this composition, which should be extracted from plant material. Also take into account the effectiveness and ease of use at home. The simplest form that can be easily prepared from plants, slurry and powders. They can be applied as semi-finished products or yourself.

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