Medicinal herbs
Medicinal herbs are now widely used in folk and traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. The effectiveness of natural medicines based on herbs is confirmed by…

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Russian folk medicine: herbal medicine in Russia
Russia has always been rich in medicinal herbs and therefore herbal medicine in Russia was widespread. In Russia, wormwood was used for fever, birch SAP for the treatment of purulent…

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Types of healing

This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing.

The article from Time magazine; the Young Health – “bringing Good news”; June 19, 2000; page 145:

Enough to feel skeptical embarrassment. An analysis of two dozen tests, the researchers say: perhaps there is something commendable in alternative art “of healing at a distance”, which includes prayers in the name of someone’s sake, and “therapeutic touch”, when the healer moves her hands over (not Noah) on the patient’s body. In 57% of cases this practice accelerates healing and reduces pain. As for how to work the healing at a distance, leave it for consideration by higher authorities.

Let’s talk about healing. We will focus on six types of healing. You know them, but we would like to make some comments about them. We will talk about healing from the outside — ie not about self-healing, when the healing comes to the patient with the assistance of other people or substances.

Let’s start with the highest form and will slowly move towards the lowest, from the highest energies, which are now available to the lowest effective energies that you got from the past.

All of them are appropriate in certain situations.

Do not look at the medicine down and don’t turn away from her, thinking that she was far from spirituality. It is an integral part of the entire puzzle.

Some people can’t heal yourself with energy, because not vibrate at the level at which this ability becomes available.

Therefore, to help such people, God had provided chemistry and medicine. Sometimes the best results when healing of the Lightworker gives a wise combination of physical methods and spiritual energies! Remember this when the next time will refuse to take some medicine.

However, some of you say “I would like to take this or that substance, to be healed, but it provides me side effect” . The spirit doesn’t dwell in a vacuum. We asked you to vibrate on a higher level, which we call the status of Voznesenski. This vibration makes it unnecessary chemicals that are designed for healing. It makes you more sensitive and receptive to many things before, when you were under the old energy, you have not acted. Does this mean that you can’t use the achievements of modern chemistry? No. But there is another way. And it’s called “the intention of substance.”

We encourage you to try something. Squeeze in your hand a curative substance, in whatever form it may be, and Express the meditative intention to absorb it into your body. Use the attributes of this second power of knowledge, which we have just given you, and remember that the biological “we”. You give permission for a physical miracle: the healing substance can go to you!

Remember: you do not need to reject a method of healing that can save your life, merely on the ground that it is based on the work of low energy, if you still don’t have alternatives! Use existing science in all its forms and manifestations. Take these things in wisdom and prudence.

Ridiculous when some “enlightened” people reject old methods in cases where the corresponding new methods we have just opened or are in development. Please be patient. And don’t be surprised if some very old and seemingly ridiculous methods will become new and functional!

This material is excerpted from the book of Kryon’s “partnering with God” – in partnership with Lee Carroll

Some of the information presented on these pages may seem to you incomprehensible. If this happens – just read the Kryon books entirely, there you will find an explanation.

Traditional recipes of beauty
Today we are again making steps to a happy life and talk about beauty, and to be precise, consider the traditional recipes of beauty. Vanity hammered costly means to care…

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The basics of healing
Newbie: Only knows the basic healing. Can feel the aura of the sick person and determine the severity of the disease. Can heal small wounds (scratches, bruises, cuts), minor diseases…