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The harm and benefit of lemon

Sometimes it seems that traditional medicine has gotten to all that is organic in nature. Has not bypassed it and little sour lemons. If you believe the folk medicine, this non-hybrid citrus assists in critical moments sweet life.

There are dozens of ways to use lemon, which help from a number of diseases and ailments. Citrus is useful for hypertension, diabetes, hypotension, migraine, hemorrhoids, the consequences of heart attacks and worms.

Lemons give us on application of all: the rind, juice, pulp and seeds.

For example, lemon juice in a solution of water and honey recommended for the relief of excess weight. The formula is very simple: first day – 3 lemon, the second day – 5 lemons, third and fourth 7, fifth 5, sixth 3 lemons. Juice of one lemon you need to squeeze in a glass, pour the brim with warm water and add honey to taste.

And this is just one of the useful applications of this citrus. Lemon juice is useful in diseases such as lobar pneumonia, anaemia, colitis, hypertension, angina, and gout, and the peel and seeds will help the body rid itself of worms.

Of course, not to mention organically produced vitamin C. It makes the popular recipes, which include lemon with different ingredients:raw eggs, garlic, onion, honey, olive oil, cognac. Different combinations of all this have a positive impact on the human body.

On cold winter evenings, full of various viruses, very helpful will be the use of lemon with brandy. This popular recipe helps transfer the risk of disease, and also makes TV shows more bearable.

In life popular author homemade recipes made of lemon and honey. Such culinary combinations help cleanse the liver and gallbladder of toxins and stones.

Experts say preventive antimicrobial and antiviral properties of citrus, and also immune-stimulating, diuretic and calming effect. In addition, the best way to combat the deficiency of vitamin C is not just an ordinary ascorbic acid, and ascorbic acid in the composition of fresh citrus.

Pregnant women often have questions regarding what they can and what is not, and specialized Internet forums for expectant mothers is constantly full of similar issues. Now, to stop using lemons should not even during pregnancy, since in moderation they don’t hurt more than an ordinary body.

However, lemons are not as simple and useful as it may seem.

For example, the fragrant yellow fragrant pieces should not even see if your medical records are records about gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, and giperatsidnogo form of gastritis. The fact that the citrus enhances the secretion of gastric juice, and this can lead to heartburn, cramps, and pain in the stomach in the abovementioned or similar diagnoses. But we should not give up, because even in these cases, the lemon is forbidden to be consumed only in its raw form, and one slice of citrus with tea after eating is not a contraindication.

However dentists are equally strictly threaten with a finger, patients as well as healthy people if they are abusing a sour citrus and is advised to use a toothpaste for restoring enamel and a brush with soft bristles.

“He harms not the product itself, but its excessive consumption”, – stated in the guidance of nutritionists and common sense. As with any other product you can not forget about sense of proportion. And, of course, need to know a little about the benefits and harms of different products. Because, as you know, we are what we eat!

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