Treatment of warts folk remedies
Many people are carriers of HPV, but the external manifestations may not be. In principle, such entities as warts are formed from a very small number of people. Externally warts…

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Folk medicine Apple cider vinegar with varicose veins reviews
I wish to Express big gratitude to cardiovascular Dr. Alexander Alexandrovich Bochkarev his high skill. sensibly selected cure. attentive. sensitivity Orekhovo Zuyevo regional phlebology center laser treatment of varicose veins.…

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Russian folk medicine: herbal medicine in Russia

Russia has always been rich in medicinal herbs and therefore herbal medicine in Russia was widespread. In Russia, wormwood was used for fever, birch SAP for the treatment of purulent wounds, tar as a disinfectant, cowberry, cloudberry, Rowan in scurvy, etc.

Many of the customs and Proverbs of the Russian people promote hygiene measures: “Live by the mind and the cure must not”, “From walking in lasino (soap) body pure lives”, etc. Prohibitions, clothed in Rus in the form of “sin”, and many people in the form of “taboos” often expressed hygiene. So, the custom of eating apples only after the “consecration” in their feast of the Transfiguration essentially warns against eating unripe fruits; the idea of the “evil eye” of the newborn contributed to the prevention of hypothermia or infection of the child when considering his outsiders. Russian customs and sayings, collected by V. I. dal in the collection of “Proverbs of the Russian people”, where a separate section “Health and illness”.

During the centuries of accumulated knowledge of healing has allowed Russia to pass for bilingual in herbal treatments, and borrow this experience sought by many foreign doctors. Already in the IX in Novgorod from prediluvial abroad larch sponge (TB medium). A decoction of the bark of ash trees, has long been used abroad as an antimalarial drug, initially gained recognition among the Russian people. About the decoction of the shoots of wild rosemary, as a powerful cough remedy, abroad also learned from the people of Novgorod. Novgorod healers before all Europe became aware of the eating raw cod liver with night blindness. They used antlers (horns of young deer), garlic, onion, radish, horseradish, plantain. Infusion of leaves of plantain was widely used in topically purulent ulcers, and the garlic — intestinal diseases inside and in the form of garlic water for washing the entire body during epidemics (plague, dysentery, etc.).

In Russian pharmacies of the nineteenth century have produced various dosage forms: powders, solutions, ointments, pills, liniments, plasters, infusions, decoctions, etc. widespread had drugs, which are now forgotten. Among them nutritional (medical) soups such as oyster or turtle in broth from poultry meat. Found in the use jellies reindeer antlers and dried protein. In ointments for treatment of eczema have used purified lard and egg oil obtained by heating in a pan cooked yolks and then pressing. Dry distillation of the antlers receive the oil, also used in dermatological practice. A number of preparations prepared from milk – milk powder, sweet whey, sour whey, milk sugar and others.

In old Russian pharmacies received phosphorus from phosphoric acid, aromatic water, plant emulsion, vegetable juices, extracts. As soft drinks in pharmacies medical coffee prepared from roasted coffee beans, and also seeds and roots of other plants; medical and medical wines beer. But the main components of dosage forms in Russia since ancient times herbs have been that the band gained such a wonderful healing force in the world they admitted almost magical.

For the modern man herbal treatment on the advice of the old healers (and healers, and doctors) has become extremely important. Our task today is not to lose, not to forget the invaluable experience gained in the field of traditional healing in Russia since ancient times. These recipes are able to defeat many diseases, which are the constant companions of modern society.

Pectoral, diuretic, diaphoretic herbs
Among herbal medicines considerable popular so-called fees. They are a mixture of cut up or pounded in a large powder of different parts of medicinal plants. Sometimes in these mixtures…

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Traditional methods of treatment of sinusitis.
When all the medications already tried, miracle formulations studied, and the disease remains unwilling to back down, comes to the aid of so-called alternative medicine. Folk remedies, decoctions, fees, and…