Herbs. Collection, preparation and application
The journal "eco-town" publishes information from partners. To apply herbs for healing the sick people began since time immemorial. Today, the treatment of "herbs" again becomes relevant, and not only…

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The cultivation of medicinal plants in Oman home
Oman high according to ancient Slavic legends, has nine magical force that appears in the folk names of plants. But there is also another version of the origin of names…

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Urban shamans

The very phrase sounds ridiculous and contradictory. What can be the shamans in our civilized society, is awash with countless ingenious gadgets and devices? But they do exist. Maybe Carlos Castaneda. opened in the books of the West Indian magic world magicians, marked the beginning of wide interest in shamanic practices. Anyway today there are not a few people in the West who practice shamanism. Basic shamanism or neoshamanism so called these practices the American anthropologist M. Garner that talked about how we each can become a shaman and perform his incredible journey into the spirit world.

Strange, but shamanic practices in different parts of the world, in the wild, from the point of view of European civilization, Nations, isolated from each other, are almost identical. In response to the scarcity of the technical side people were looking for other ways to survive. It was a way of developing the ability to see and comprehend hidden in the normal state of things and phenomena, their relationship and interaction. A shaman is a practitioner, empirically, the result of many journeys and crossings in the lower world he obtain his knowledge and experience to help others. The shaman is genuinely interested in the recovery of the patient From the point of view of the shaman, the cause of the disease is the bad energy that people willingly or unwillingly psilotaceae bad words, thoughts, actions or intentions, as well as the loss of his guardian spirit. When a person loses his guardian spirit in his heart lives a longing and emptiness. (Depression is a very frequent condition of modern man who has lost his connection with nature and thus lost in the world.) Treatment of the shaman among other things it is also the awakening of the “inner doctor” of the patient, updating the person’s ability to heal itself.

The sound of a tambourine in the hands of a shaman in Africa, America, Siberia and Australia means one thing – he’s going in his way. Shaman tambourine helps him change his ordinary state of consciousness and into the more shamanic. Shamanic state of consciousness – a dream in reality, when one can experience them as reality and control your actions. In this altered state of consciousness the shaman makes the journey to the lower world, penetrating into it through a hole or burrow in the ground (how can you not remember a rabbit hole into which Alice fell). Lower world – the world of spirits and wonderful creatures, because every things on earth have a soul – from the point of view of a shaman. And stone and stream and tree, – all live, all possess a soul, all should be treated with love and respect. Especially close to the human animal and every man has his guardian spirit. Usually it is a wild animal that gives him his power and patronage. The shaman listens to the spirits to solve their problems and issues. Yes it reminds one side of the tale, forgotten in childhood, but on the other, the work of Jung, where he says that dreams give people clues and hints for the proper development of his individuality, and to solve its problems and treatment of neuroses. Get all the answers already stored inside of us, just not everyone is willing to go in this way.

Urban shamans. Their song sings about what we like far away from home and got lost and got lost in this world. Depriving the world of the soul, nature of love, we are abandoned in a cold and ruthless world where our intellect serves our instincts and take care of bodily comfort. But it is necessary to understand that the world around a living and breathing as we feel a connection with him, love to him, as we understand it: we are at home, in love and protected.

Types of healing
This section I deliberately made separate, as it reveals the most frequently asked questions about healing. The article from Time magazine; the Young Health - "bringing Good news"; June 19,…

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Incense from ancient times to our days
The first mention of aromapack appeared several thousand years ago, in Tibet, among the magicians. The basis of their operation is based on the faith of the Tibetans in a…